Watania for Engineering & constructions

For over 30 years, Watania has been involved in civil engineering, interior design, and construction across Egypt. The company collaborates with prestigious clients to create modern facilities. Watania holds a first-grade construction company registration with the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors. While its primary focus is on large industrial and commercial projects, it has also executed several residential projects due to its reputation and quality. Their services encompass the entire engineering lifecycle, including architectural and engineering design, project management, civil works, infrastructure, steel structures, electromechanical systems, and finishing. Watania understands the complexities and requirements of modern projects. They have heavily invested in:

  1. Experienced teams that stay updated with the latest project management skills and technical expertise.
  2. Strong relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, enabling them to mobilize, expand, and execute various projects within required timelines.
  3. High-quality equipment and tools, ensuring suitability for the intended purpose.

Watania construction services extend to its manufacturing facilities, supplying various steel structures (beams, columns, fences, railings, etc.) and wall/ceiling materials (corrugated sheets, insulated panels). They undertake significant construction projects and are classified as “A” grade in construction and steel structures by the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors .